Presented to Humanity by the Sensei of the Soulfriends, January 23, 2017

The Philippine Islands | Not all of us shall reach Satori this lifetime, but all of us would like to have, right now, a picture of the whole pattern, from beginning to end. To guide us in navigating the treacherous vicissitudes of life. To acquire a worldview or philosophy. To have a spiritual framework that can enable us to make better decisions in Life. Or simply, because we want to know the whole Truth. Ok, I am obliging you.

Here is a key to the systems framework of the Whole Picture. It is meant to be a guide to the whole synthesis of Wisdom. I am affixing actual disciplines themselves as references (Dance of the Disciplines). Your assignment is to study and research the details so that you can fill in the gaps in your knowledge frameworks. Apply this systems paradigm in your life. Since this is Truth, may it give you Wisdom, and Compassion, and Altruism, and Peace.

Let us begin.

Let us begin to capture and radiate Wisdom, in verses of clarity and comprehension.



The Oneness has existed for all time. The Oneness shall exist for all time. The Oneness was, is and shall be. It is omnipresent, infinitely powerful, absolutely without weaknesses of any kind. It is immortal, and enjoys immortal bliss (Book of the Oneness, Nonlinear Mysticism Teachings, Summit of the Mountain Teachings). The Oneness Has existed for all time. But, from moment to moment (not sequential time), it may produce Fractals from its Efflorescence (Nonlinear Mysticism Teachings, Book of the Oneness, Quantum Physics, Quantum Cosmology).

These Fractal Systems will exist along three general Cosmic Curriculum States (Nonlinear Mysticism, Summit of the Mountain Teachings, Fractal Physics). These are the following: Nonlinear Cosmic Curriculum, Sequential Cosmic Curriculum, and Planetary (or Matrix) Cosmic Curriculum. Elaborations on the significance of these systems abound in the Metaphysics of the Soulfriends (ANAM CARA facebook posts).

These Fractal Systems are free to explore the Cosmos in all its multipotential dimensions, and planes. The Cosmos, being a reflection of Perfection, may cause these Fractal Systems to reflect Holography to a very high degree (Quantum Physics, Sacred Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, Fractal Physics, Mandala Art). All Souls emanating from the Oneness (Nonlinear Mysticism, Quantum Physics, General Mysticism) are also free to explore the manifold dimensions of the Cosmos which is patterned in this current flavor into the system of ten plus one densities (10 plus 1 densities). This realization is prevalent in the thought of the greatest Mystics (Mysticism, Nonlinear Mysticism, Plotinus Thought, Taoism) but is currently being approached by the disciplines of Science, especially those of the highest accuracy and rigor (Quantum Physics, Quantum Cosmology, Superstring Theory, Fractal Mathematics).

This concept is obviously popularized as the “Sacred Marriage” of Mysticism and Science. But in the hearts, and souls and minds of the greatest Mystics (Plotinus Thought, Neoplatonism, Nonlinear Mysticism, Taoism) and their descendants and apprentices (Platonic Philosophy, Taosim, Jainism, Sacred Geometry), science and mysticism are One. They are reflections of the Oneness. Ultimate Reality is one. There is no difference between them. This realization is also the highest refutation of the occult and exobiological systems, which may mistakenly postulate variant perspectives of Ultimate Reality.

However, something strange has occurred in this sector of this Universe (Birth of Evil, Nonlinear Mysticism, Gnosticism). An Inceptor has gone astray (Gnosticism, Summit of the Mountain Teachings). And this Inceptor has created a perverse system of thought (Dark Polarity), revolving around itself which is about to subsume (World History, Exobiology, Evolutionary Biology, Archetypal Psychology) all the paradigms of this Reality into its own twisted perspective. In many ways, this Inceptor has gone mad, to use a popular term (Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, Guidance and Counseling, Analytical Psychology, Psychiatry). Many beings from various Orders of Being (Nonlinea Mysticism, Summit of the Mountain Teachings) have tried to heal this Inceptor that has gone astray. The healing process is continuing to this day.

Meanwhile, some information energy essences have tried to be proactive and have recruited a being of a special kind. They have requested this being to help heal the Dark Inceptor. In ancient times, this new being that has entered the picture has been called by various names, Sophia, the Goddess Sophia, the Christ energy, the Logos, or even the Shekinah (Cosmology, Mythology, World History, Gnosticism, Neoplatonism, Nonlinear Mysticism). These synonymous terms all refer to a being, or rather, a group of beings from a higher dimension (correction, a higher density) who has been requested to enter this particular Reality pattern and try to heal the Dark Inceptor. The most accurate term would be the Sophia Collective, for it refers to a group of beings, and not a single entity.

On the Planet Earth at the present time, the Sophia Collective is composed of genuine Seekers, all of them displaying and radiating the Nonlinear Curriculum pattern. The Dark Inceptor has guided the development of instruments for the execution of its dark purpose (Evolutionary Biology, Exobiology, Ancient Astronaut Theories). It has manipulated the sequence, timing, flavor and direction of events in this fragment of the Universe (Galactic History, Evolutionary Biology, Archetypal Psychology, Nonlinear Mysticism) for its own dark ends and dark intentions (Oblivion Poem). It has coerced a species (Birth of Evil, unpublished) to further its agenda. It has manipulated this species for countless eons of time (Mythology). Warnings from both Epic Fantasy, Science Fiction and World Mythology abound about this fateful partnership of Dark Inceptor and Chosen Species. This species has become its absolute servant (Evolutionary Biology, Evolutionary Psychology). Now, the whole Milky Way Galaxy is about to be converted into Hell! A living hell!

In this solar system, the minions of the Dark Inceptor arrived thousands of years in the past (Exobiology Research, Nonlinear Mysticism, True World History). It has directed and influenced the birth and death of planets and similar systems (Sumerian History, African Cosmology, Exobiology). It has invaded this solar system and claims it as home (Mysteries of the Illuminati, Secrets Archives of the Vatican, Secret Archives of the Jesuits). This planet and all its systems are products of its manipulation, whether political, religious, financial, military, historical, spiritual, occult, criminal, and most other systems (Wikileaks). Even artistic worlds, like the Hollywood, do not escape its manipulation. It has directed the sequence and tempo and direction and outcome of most of the events in this Planet we call the Earth (True World History, Frontier Research of Exobiologists). No being in this Planet has not been influenced, directly or indirectly, by its tentacles of evil. From the poorest farmer in Africa to the weirdest nerd in Asia. From the most wayward harlot of Europe to the most fanatical member of an occult system in the Far East. All have tasted from this evil predator, which many thinkers consider the “greatest warrior.”

This theme has been repeatedly part of the warning of various enlightened systems of thought (Gnosticism, Tolkien Literature, Iliad and Odyssey, Epic Fantasy and Science Fiction, the Malazan Series, Archetypal Psychology, World History, World Literature). Awesome in its breadth and depth is the manipulation and deception created by the Dark Inceptor and its evil minions. And the minions are also in the thousands, if not the thousands of thousands (political, religious, military, financial, occult, criminal, spiritual, spiritualist, economic systems and the like). It is the Hydra of legend (Mythology, Archetypal Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, World History, World Literature). This is the Truth. This is a picture of the Whole Pattern, from a Systems Perspective.

We would like to thank the Oneness, and all our Higher Selves for making me into a vessel to receive, transcribe and share this information to everyone. And that is what it is all about.



Within these insights may lie the story of our salvation, rebirth, awakening and Ascension.

Warmest regards,

Sensei of the Soulfriends



Note: If I have referenced a field or a construct or an argument, your additional task, obviously, is to study said references. It should be second nature to the educated mind. Good luck!

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