Astrology | Full Moon – February 27, 2021

We have a Full Moon in Virgo at 8 degrees (3.17 am EST). Virgo is the second Earth sign in the zodiac and is the sign that rules our health and daily routines as well as our work space. It is also the aspect of us that provides service to others. It is a sign that connects us to our physical body and the divine feminine. It is also associated with mind as it is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is finally direct in Aquarius which has given us more mind energy.
Virgo’s opposite is Pisces, the sign of higher love and compassion, Oneness and spirituality. We are therefore asked to create balance and harmony between mind and soul, letting go of criticism and small details in order to create a holistic view and approach. We need to let go of judgement, toward ourselves as well as others, through unconditional love and compassion.
When we let go of mind, we can connect to intuition. And if we balance intellect and imagination we create integration within between knowledge and wisdom. This requires us to go within and meditate and rest as much as possible throughout the month.

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