Hello Aries!

The zodiac consists of 12 separate signs and houses and planets in different signs and houses, and these are also divided into 4 elements, fire, earth, air and water.
The Signs represent characteristics of life and the planets show how these are manifested and where. The houses are the areas of life that the planet and sign are influencing. So if we take the example of the Moon (emotions, feelings and nurturing) in Taurus (the senses), this manifests in showing nurturing through food for example. Shortly, the house is the area of life, sign is characteristics of life and planets are experiences of life and personality. Astrology is more complex than just knowing where the Sun was when you where born. We all inhibit all aspects of the zodiac, in different ways. Some signs and planets are stronger and some are weaker. We are multi-facetted beings and our nature is very varying. But we can use astrology as a compass for self-improvement and self-understanding.
All signs are ruled by a planet and connected with a house. In the astrology chart, Aries is the first sign, in the first house and ruled by Mars. Mars was the traditional ruler of Scorpio and is the planet of determination, aggression, war. In Roman mythology, ars was the God of War Aries represents new beginnings and is the sign that starts the spring. Aries is within the fire element together with Leo and Sagittarius. The higher vibration of Aries can be: great confidence and focus, loves sports, initiates new projects, expressing, daring, innocent, competitive and clearly self-defined. The lower frequency can be: aggression, stubbornness, Ego, rash, impulsive and lack of putting other’s needs before ones own. The archetype of Aries is heroic action: overcoming challenges.
How many of you are Aries Sun or Ascendant? Can you relate to the archetypes/traits?

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