Mercury in Virgo, health, work focus

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

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Mercury heads to its earthy, intellectual, hard working, perfectionists, health conscious sign of the Virgin Parthenogenesis Goddess Ceres/Demeter and the harvest, VIRGO August 11-29/30

When planets are in their home signs they are very happy and strong just like you feel when you go home.Mercury joins Mars and Venus for the next few days until Venus enters Libra on the 15/16. Virgo its your turn to shine. Its great timing for the archetypal back to school time of year.

Here’s 6 things to be sure to focus on with Mercury in VIRGO


Health is wealth and very important to Virgo. You are what you eat. Beneficial time to do a cleanse, especially as we are going into season change time. You will find it easier and more beneficial to stick to a healthier, more nutritious natural…

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