Sun and Venus visit Pluto over the 19th and 20th

Eyes of Heaven

Something different for this post. Expanding on the time of the transiting Pluto aspects with the Sun and Venus, this astrologer, Mitchell Lewis-, offers longer input – for your discernment and use.


On Wednesday October 19th at 9:33 A.M. EDT & Thursday October 20th at 2:03 A.M. EDT these two planets set up a harsh aspect to deep, intuitive Pluto. This will be a few days when it’s important to express yourself clearly and not overstate your position. People will be a little fragile and some will be looking for an argument. This is a power struggle that can easily suck you into its agenda, whether you realize it or not. It might not be you that is looking for the hassle, but the other person. If you aren’t paying attention, a single sentence or a misunderstood comment can bring things up…

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