Homemade Turkey Pot Pie

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What a great way to give new life to your Thanksgiving turkey and gravy leftovers.  Besides, as the weather cools, who doesn’t like a nice hot pot pie?!?  For Thanksgiving, Amelia made the best turkey I think I’ve ever had.  She brined it then smoked it on the Weber with a mixture of hardwood chips.  I SO couldn’t let my portion of leftovers go to waste!  I also added some leftovers of our mom’s awesome gravy to help thicken the pie filling.  It was crazy good! But what if you didn’t have turkey for Thanksgiving? No worries, this recipe would work well with beef and beef gravy or chicken and chicken gravy.  Dare I say it – if you had seafood, I’d even put that in this pot pie!

Homemade Turkey Pot Pie

1 carrot, diced,
1 stalk of celery, diced
1 potato, diced
½ yellow onion, diced
1 cup diced celery…

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