Melchizedek Seminary | The Sophia Frequencies. Divine Feminine Healing, Miracles, Abundance and the Schumann Resonances

How to properly listen to the Sophia Frequencies for maximum results:

Effects accumulate so daily for a minimum of 21 days may achieve noticeable transformational results, however research from MIT show that the optimum listening period is daily for 9-12 months.

Do not listen through phone speaker. Most phone speakers are piezo electric based, which means all frequencies below 130 HZ may be eliminated.

Do not listen through headphones. Because The Sophia Frequencies incorporate scalar waves, it is highly recommended that they are listened to through speakers with a good bass response (ideally with a frequency range below as 45 HZ).

Sound waves traveling through the atmosphere (or underwater) are longitudinal; as are plasma waves propagating through space (aka Birkeland currents). Longitudinal waves moving through the Earth’s interior are known as “telluric currents”. They can all be thought of as pressure waves of sorts.

Embedded into the piece are very precise Schumann differentials. It has been observed that these differentials are important to any healing process. They also induce a deep delta state which is conducive to sleep, profound meditation and experiencing 5th Jhana. We have proposed and can prove using anecdotal data, that it is in this state that the remarkable healing effects occur.

Ideally, listeners or listening parties will do so by playing this video, which will be the high resolution source file, through a speaker set up that allows space between the listener(s) and the speakers.

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