Matt Kahn |  To Plan,, or Not To Plan?


I write these words after completing one of the most powerful Together as One events that truly spoke to the core of our experiences as empathic beings. I wanted to begin by thanking everyone who attended, whether live or via the replay, for such a powerful expression of what it truly means to speak from a space of heart-centered empowerment. From the depths of my soul, thank you for shining so brightly and being the love that you are.

And now, for today’s insight. May we take a few breaths together as I tune into what wants to be shared in this auspicious moment of connection:

You can plan each detail of a trip from start to finish, but it cannot prevent the trip from being precisely what it’s meant to be. This doesn’t mean to forgo planning, and it certainly isn’t a measurement of presence to live this lifetime plan-free. Instead, you can allow yourself to rest in a space between any degree of extremes. Within this space that remains as close to you as the very breath you breathe, there is neither a dependency on planning as an extension of control patterns, nor is denying any type of a plan a way to be more settled in the here and now. Instead, you can hold your desires, plans, and aspirations in the palm of an open hand. And, you can know that if anything you have planned or intended into motion is removed from your hand, it can only be replaced with a circumstance that furthers you along an even higher trajectory of expansion.

While the ego may not always get what it wants, there remains a higher depth of wisdom within you that remembers all you wanted prior to entering into form. As this remembrance is gleaned, you may recall yearning to know the full capacity of your power and to embody it through the majestic wonderment of individual form. The beauty of this is living out the most incredible movie you are watching through the magic of astral projection. It’s a movie you are viewing in heaven, in the home you never left, while pressing your face so close to the screen, providing you with the vivid multi-sensory experience of being the character you are watching.

It’s a movie where you have been given the opportunity to experience your true nature through an arc of growth, where any tragedy only leads to inevitable triumph, as each drop of pain comes together to become the waves of joy you are destined to be cleansed by.

Whether living stringently by the necessity of planning, or confusing impulsivity with presence from one breath to the next, the key is always remembering that life has a remarkable and miraculous plan for you. It’s neither identical to your deepest hopes and desires, nor is it less than the everything you have hoped to become. Instead, it is merely the most direct means to return you home to the unmistakable peace, unwavering clarity, immeasurable brightness, and infinite fulfillment of your radiant eternal being.

Sometimes you need plans to give the Universe something to interrupt. All too often, specific waves of emotions cannot be instigated into release without the ego being shocked by the awe of not getting its way. Equally so, having no plan cannot free you or anyone else from this necessity of release, it merely invites the Universe to find more clever ways to find and free you from your most elusive hiding spots. And so, through a willingness to surrender into full commitment with the life you’ve been given, may you plan without attachment, giving life equal space in your life to move you along exactly as you are destined to be.

You can call yourself a co-creator, but your role is actually cut from the cloth of a much higher fabric. You are the living participant of Universal Will. You are the living reality of Universal Law. You are the living proof that only divinity dwells in human form, no matter how cruel a world can be during times when the collective mentality of our world continues to build momentum toward a remembrance only the divine remembers as all. As commitment merges with detachment, you can scan menus online for what you will have for lunch at a restaurant the following day, while being open to the server announcing a last-minute special that becomes the meal you are actually meant to enjoy.

You can rehearse any degree of choreography, while equally being open to the possibility of arriving at a dance where the DJ chose a setlist of a completely different tempo. You can insist you create every detail of your reality, even track your thoughts, micromanage your emotions, or any other ritual intending to stack the deck of fate solely in your favor. All the while, life will be exactly as it is meant to be. As the living participant of immaculate grace, you can either blame yourself for how things haven’t occurred, or continue watching the movie playing out around you, marveling at the amazement of life unfolding through a sacred rhythm of time. To plan or not to plan — that is the question. In a lifetime of endless expression where your ability to remain open, making clear and confident decisions, speaking with heart-centered empowerment, and loving yourself more not less always remains the answer. While there is so much more to share, and many heart-opening insights to help you transform perpetual breakdowns into long-awaited breakthroughs, in this moment, this is what the Universe wants you to know.

All for Love,


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