2023 Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse

Susan Levitt

May 5, 2023 is a lunar eclipse at 10:22 am PDT, and a full Moon in Scorpio at 10:34 am. Water sign Scorpio rules the eighth house of birth and death, sex, and transformation. This full Moon eclipse adds to the intensity of emotions. Time to be honest about what you feel, and why. Contact mefor your tarot card reading or astrology forecast for understanding.

The Sun, Mercury, and Uranus are conjunct in Taurus. This Uranian energy is inspiring for new means of self expression, and to break up fixed patterns and routines. A new consciousness could bring some rebelliousness that is appropriate.

The eclipsed full Moon is opposite the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus. Oppositions involve other people, those opposite you. Therefore, others might not understand or support your new insights and values, especially when old patterns of relating are no longer appropriate for you. Yet you do not…

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