Recipe ~ Banana Oatmeal Treats (Diabetic-friendly)

These treats are delicious AND they are egg-less, dairy-less, flour-less, and with no added sugar!


A Gold Star to those of you who recognized that bananas, applesauce, oats and raisins have carbs in them. Unless it comes from an animal, is a nut, or a veggie that doesn’t cloud the water when cooked, it likely has carbs worth counting, so do if you do so.  The starches have more completely converted to sugar in a mushy banana so keep that in mind if you’re worried about a banana spiking your blood sugar.  And, who puts 3 bananas in their oatmeal, anyway??  1/3 cup of applesauce?  Sweetened or unsweetened? Who cares?  We’re talking about 9 vs. 14 grams of carbs for the WHOLE THING!  I imagine you could use 1/4 cup of any “milk,” including – gasp – cow’s milk.  Raisins?  Not much difference nutritionally between packed and not packed – surprised no one brought this one up.  I will add that they are superior in potassium content per serving when compared to a banana.  Who knew that vanilla has 12 calories per teaspoon?  Rolling my eyes.  And cinnamon, beautiful cinnamon … Tasty, beneficial, good in so many recipes or just sprinkled on toast or a sweet potato.  Now, I’m hungry.

Grease the pan, well, or use parchment paper for cookies. Great stuff, that parchment.

Now for the numbers:  I figure this recipe will make at least thirty-six bars or cookies, so have listed the info as Total Recipe / Per Unit.  If you make the recipe and get 36, use my per-unit number. How ever many units you get, divide the Total by that and that will be your special, personal number for that nutrient. Nice, huh?  So …

Calories: 1177 / 33 — Carbohydrate: 244 / 7 — Fiber: 35.6 / 1 — Fat: 11.7 / .3 — Protein: 30.5 / .8

A tasty, natural treat.  Moderate calories, low fat, a little fiber, a little protein, and low carbs.  Let me add these nutrients with sufficient quantity to mention:

Vitamins B-6 and C (bananas, applesauce, raisins) (A, D, & E if you use the almond milk), Iron (applesauce, oats, raisins), Calcium (oats), Magnesium (bananas, raisins), and Potassium (a whopping 2,212 mg in the whole recipe, so 61 mg per unit (if 36 bars/cookies) (bananas, applesauce, oats, raisins).


Recipe ~ Nutella and Banana French Toast Roll-Ups

nutella_and_banana_french_toast_rollups1These french toast roll ups are stuffed with one of the best flavor combinations out there – banana and nutella.  They’re just sweet enough to eat by themselves, but you can always sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar or drizzle some syrup over the top if you want to go over the top.


  • white bread – 10 slices, crusts removed
  • nutella – about 1 cup
  • bananas – 2, cut into 10 strips
  • eggs – 1, large
  • milk – 2 tbsp
  • vanilla – 1/2 tsp
  • butter – 2 tbsp

how to:

  • Roll each slice of bread very thin with a rolling pin.  Spread each slice with a generous amount of Nutella – covering one side completely.  Place a strip of banana at one end and roll the bread up tightly.
  • In a small bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk and vanilla until combined and set aside.
  • Heat the butter in a skillet over medium heat.  Dredge each roll through the egg and milk mix, then cook on all sides in the hot butter until golden brown.
  • Serve while hot.