Paradigm Shift ~ The Unmasking
The ancient Egyptians understood harmonics and the wave form universe.Temples and chambers were built by the ancient brotherhoods, in order to amplify the lights, sounds and frequencies.
This was to manipulate the vibratory resonance within the temples.
DMT -:The PLANTS OF THE GODS or Teacher plants Opens your 3rd eye …
Let’s quickly look at the word GOD…
In the disclosure series it claimed, there is no God, and off course there isn’t.
We are talking about the GOD of dogma, the revengeful; blood thirsty and racist God that was created in the minds of men to control the docile masses.
•Let’s look at the word GOD spelled backwards, it spells Dog ,referring to the dog star, Sirius, in the constellation Canis Major.  (The Greater Dog or the top dog)
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