The Sun and The Moon


The Sun and the Moon

In the Hermetic philosophy, the Sun has always been a symbol of a certain aspect of consciousness as it radiates outwards of it’s self. The sun can only shine and give outwards its potent rays of light and warmth. It cannot receive or take; it is not its nature, for it is only half and a part of the Oneness of being. The other aspect of consciousness is symbolized in the Moon as the feminine receptive nature of the unconscious mind. By herself she is dark and cold and is as a passive polarity compared to the active polarity of the Sun. Alchemically the Lunar nature is one of gathering inwards and nurturing, while the nature of the Sun is one of outpouring and expansive. The Sun, which is consciousness, and which is in itself a divine energy, sees himself in her reflection, while her darkness as the unconscious is warmed and made to shine with radiance. The Sun sees his reflection in the Moon. As Fulcanelli has said, “the moon secretly absorbs the rays of the Sun and nurtures them in her bosom”.

Metaphysically, the inner process of meditation and initiation is functioning on the very same principles. The conscious mind directing thought and concentration is as the Sun. The unconscious aspect of our being is as the moon and functions on a lunar level. The unconscious psychic energies within us must be warmed and kindled by the solar essence. This is that metaphysical insemination which the philosophers speak of when they say that “consciousness must inseminate the unconscious”. It is this act that brings to birth a third aspect of consciousness in our being, the luminous subjective self as the inner divine child. When one practices meditation, one can enter into the fertile feminine unconscious where one’s birthing of the inner divine child lies as the emerging inner self. One must first make the conscious effort of his or her active will power and concentration and act upon the passive energies of the unconscious. In turn the receptive and passive energies of the unconscious, nurtures and matures the divine seed of the Sun, or our “Gold”, as the alchemists like to call it. In this way, this feminine aspect becomes the mother of divinity in that she brings forth the Son of the Sun. This is that mystical love affair, that passion and divine union of the male and female seed that the philosophers speak of which begets the Philosopher’s Stone. The Sun and the moon as the Father and the Mother, now see themselves in the divine Son as the divine man. This is the true union of the bride and groom, the re-union of Adam and Eve and the mystical wedding of the alchemists.

As the King, so too our Alchemical Queen has her part in the alchemical process. It is a most beautiful event to behold the Sun through the feminine reflection as the Lunar Astral Light. Especially when she is pregnant and full. She is our most beautiful Diana. The alchemists have always spoken highly of her and expressed her beauty in most beautiful allegorical ways as the Lilly of the Valley and the White Rose of the whitening stage of the alchemical process. It is the “beholding of the most beautiful body of Diana stripped of all her terrestriality”. Thus the wife of the Sun becomes the very mother of our own rebirth, where consciousness becomes conscious of consciousness and we realises the source of a greater light coming from the Sun within us as the Father. But we never forget our mother the moon and her gentle nurturing. In this symbolism and allegory we see the Christian mystery of the Holy Virgin mother conceived of the father, the Sun, and who gave birth to the divine child who becomes our inner master, and saviour, as our regenerated soul and consciousness.