Numerology ~ This week’s energy vibe is 8 ” The Power of Infinity”

This week’s energy vibe the number 8 is one of the Power numbers!

Let’s look at the power behind this great number, Ruled by Saturn the planet that expects great things from you and will reward with the same 10 fold, the 8 relates to the cycles of time, as does Saturn known as Father time. The Greeks called it the number of justice because of its equal divisions of equally even numbers;(4 and 4), or (2 and 2, 2 and 2) this represents the solid and complete.

In the Christian symbolism it stands for afterlife, it is also known as the number of regeneration and of the Gods who accompanied Thoth. The number 8 believed to represent the joining of the two spheres of Heaven and Earth, this great number also has a dual nature as demonstrated by the one circle on top of each other, standing for the meaning of “what is above is equal to what is below” This number stands for justice and the punishment that is assigned to the crime. So let’s look at this in reference to the week ahead, how can we use the number 8 in our daily life and ask the question are we participating in the right action or are we going against our own true nature? Meditate on this most powerful number and envision the symbol of infinity, bring this power into your own reality and become the person you are meant to be “your true self”.

Planetary influences coinciding with the powerful energy vibe 8:

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn on October 1st brings a strong emphasis on the need for serious labor. Some staunch determination is required. There is a steadily mounting concern to achieve a notable level of accomplishment or completion of projects. The need to hunt for a steady job, a marketing edge, or a secure investment keeps us vigilant and focused. Punctuality in business matters is stressed. Some may feel isolated by constant work and no play. No one likes feeling rushed, particularly when high standards must be met. The gem stones assigned to the 8 are all Saturn ruled such as all dark stones, dull ruby, black pearl ,amethyst and black diamond.Light a black candle for releasing negative energies, meditate with Onyx to help increase awareness of visions and dreams, it emphasizes self-control and grounding, call in Archangels: Haniel, Raguel and Raziel for guidance and protection.


Seeds for Meditation ~ Bowing Down In Prayer

moon river I bow down to all the masters whose fragrance has touched this earth.
I bow down to the inherent wisdom of life itself.
I bow down to the infinite intelligence of consciousness.
I bow down to the love that includes everything.
I bow down to the simplicity of awakeness, always here.
I bow down.