Insight ~ from Grandmaster Jorge Enriquez


doorway eyeHello dear friends,
Much love and much light to you I send as I am being everyday reminded of the fantastic life and world I live in. So this is it, the time is now where we are called to stand strong and be a beacon for those that are walking in our footsteps. The time is now to face adversity and choose to not react, rather choose to respond positively and know that your changing balance can affect the outcome with clarity. When you are confronted with a situation or a person that is being abusive or negative, the enemy is not the person or situation. The enemy is the ego within you. Circumstance becomes dictated when self control is lost. Within your heart center you hold an enormous powerhouse of love and compassion. By tapping into it, daily, we can be our own rulers rather than let our emotions rule us. Meditation allows that focus to become part of your everyday being. I must admit to you, my dearest ones, that I have had a problem with emotional control and as many of you know have been very confrontational. So maybe you are saying to yourselves, that I should practice what I preach. And you are right. I have been tested and have failed many many times. My failure comes because I lacked the will to self control or didn’t care. But I see now the error that has placed me in harms way and has caused me to be a cause of others sadness. So I have to first apologize to all I have offended whether on purpose or in careless reaction. These past few weeks have been an eye opener for me. I have been tested and have even tested myself in a number of ways and I have been shown, through meditation and contemplation, my mistakes and insecurities. Yes yes insecurities which we all carry in some way or another. Through certain initiations and spiritual breakthroughs I have found insight into my truth and if i can, would like to extend my fraternal hand to heal and balance with unconditional Love.



HP and Reiki Grandmaster Jorge Enriquez
NYC Halau

Seeds for Meditation ~ On Awakening, by Jorge Enriquez

HPS and Grandmaster Jorge Enriquez amidst the grand columns of the Temple of Karnak, Egypt, September 3, 2014
HP and Grandmaster Jorge Enriquez amidst the grand columns of the Temple of Karnak, Egypt, September 3, 2014

In procession we walked through the Temple Karnak, all of us in white from head to toe. In silence we walked past columns and statues, silent witnesses of times past and present. As one by one we walked through the gates of Aten and climbed above the temples mounds to find a place to position ourselves in wait for the morning sun to rise. As Ra peeked over the horizon, we were greeted with light. The essence of the Bornless One blazed upon us all. His essence washed upon us as each in turn reflected His light back to the universe. In unison we praised.

This journey has awakened within me the memory of my existence, my secret within. my Light within. My reason. My lifes journey.






~ Grandmaster Jorge Enriquez

NYC HALAU ~ Meet Reiki Grandmaster Jorge Enriquez


“Sharing Reiki energy to bring healing to the community. Here I am (Central Park, NYC) representing the Mtheory101 and the Halau, creating awareness and filling the Earth with Aloha spirit.”  ~ Jorge Enriquez, Reiki Grandmaster, 18th Dan

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