Happy Birthday, Ganesha Ji!!

The most important day of the year to clear obstacles in your life is Ganesha’s birthday. This is a very special time that happens once a year, when Ganesha will take on your karma, and dissolve all obstacles that lie in your future. All rituals and prayers to Ganesha become tremendously magnified during this time, and we have put together 3 packages to help you take advantage of this special power time.


The elephant head of Ganesha has a tremendous amount of importance because the elephant is associated with Supreme Intelligence. That’s why Ganesha is represented as the Isha, the Lord or the General of the Ganas (Angels).

Ganas are Super-intelligent beings. These are the soldiers in Heaven and they have a tremendous amount of psychic powers. They don’t fight wars like we do with nuclear weapons. They do it with psychically driven weapons.

He is the head of all these soldiers with psychic powers, so you can imagine the kind of intelligence that Ganesha possesses.

The worship of Ganesha represents acquisition of psychic powers and Supreme Intelligence.

Why the elephant head? The elephant is the most intelligent animal according to Indian scriptures and also according to Aristotle. He said that no animal is more intelligent or smarter in wit than the elephant. Aristotle said this long before scientists found out the importance of the elephant brain compared with the human brain like is happening now.

Worshiping Ganesha on his birthday every year has tremendous significance for everyone wanting to develop their intelligence.

Ganesha, Custodian of Intelligence, can give you shortcuts so that you don’t have to grope in the darkness.

That is what Ganesha does.


Never Underestimate the Power of Divine Archetypes like Ganesha!

Archetypes are able to help us in our day to day life. They have a higher intelligence. They can inform us and warn us of dangers ahead of time and give us a better intelligence. Ancient Scientists of different cultures understood Archetypes and used them in their daily lives.

Obstacles Are Standing Between You & Success

Obstacles are the karmic road blocks we experience in life, interwoven into the very fabric of our destiny. They are responsible for the hardships we face, especially delays, and setbacks, as well as frustration and failure. Ultimately, they block success, both materially and spiritually, and if they are not removed, they make it nearly impossible to reap the fruits of your efforts no matter how hard you try, or how well-intentioned you may be. The Archetype Ganesha, however, has the solution.

The Archetype Ganesha is a universal one that can be found in many cultures all over the world. He is sought by regular people, Mystics, and even by the Gods for his unique ability to both foresee and remove all known and unknown obstacles that lie in the future. Ganesha has the power to take your karma and transform it to ensure an utterly successful and prosperous future. He can give you the ability to enjoy effortless success and unimpeded growth in all areas of your life.