Divination and Mirror Magic

Magical MAgic Mirror Divination magic water magic angel
Divination has uncountable techniques most of them can be categorized by the means we use to achieve the “sight”. A very common way of Divination is the use of a Mirror. This is because Mirrors are associated with the Element of Water which like Hydromancy is the most powerful element as far as Intuition and Divination is concerned. The other reason we use the Mirrors is that because they are very practical magical Portals, but this is something really advanced and we will get to that later.
The following technique is created and adopted for those who want to find out if someone you love and lives far away from you is OK. This is a way to discretely check on your child or your friend, your family, practically anyone you want. But remember never to misuse magic and divination by “spying” on someone. Black Magic always comes with a price even though you never expect it!
TIP! Know the difference between concern and curiosity. There is no easy answer of what is Black or White but certainly trying to break someone’s Free Will is Black Magic and is always punishable by Karma. Learn how to help but also learn when to stop!
This technique is preferably done by night on your room. You will need a big mirror enough to see a big part of your body, not just your head. This will help with your visualization. When you master the technique you will be able to work it with even a tiny mirror but first do it with a large one.
Before Starting burn Bay leaves in your room or incense blends that include Frankincense, Benzoin and Copal resins.
Light a blue candle (representing Water), or a silver candle (representing the Moon) or a light blue candle (representing Air). If you light the blue one your intuition will be enhanced, the silver one will energize your “third eye” chakra while the light blue one will empower your telepathic abilities. For this technique all three candles are suitable. Pick your favorite and light it. Put it somewhere on your room, letting it be the only source of Light.
You can pray to your Guardian Angel to help you improve your Divination skills, or you pray to your God/s or Goddess/es. Very suitable for this is Apollo, God of Prophecy!
Stand in front of a mirror naked. The distance between you and the mirror should be 3-4 feet / 1 meter approximately.
Now, do a Relaxation Breathing technique and clear your mind.
Now stare on the Mirror and see yourself. Now visualize yourself changing to whom you want to see. Visualize the person you want to check if he is OK. Try to see him for 1-2 minutes in every detail you can. See his hair, see his eyes, remember the way he/she looks at you. Remember the feeling you had when he/she was around you. Feel his/her presence!
Now let your Sight notice anything changing on the image. Does he/she look happy? Does he/she look sad? Inspired? Tired? Scared? Satisfied? Try to notice every change you “see”! 
Does anything appear with his/her image? A bird? A third person? A symbol possibly?
You can even ask him/her: “Are you OK?” and wait for the answer.
TIP! The technique is very simple but remember Water Magic’s key is to keep on practicing for a long time!  As water takes time to erode a rock so is the Water Magic. Its really really powerful but you have to be patient and persistent (in a matter of time not try).Little practice every day and you will be amazed by the results!