The Essene Holy Communion For SUNDAY

Angel of Earth / Angel of Creative Work

Evening and morning and at noonday I will pray; and He shall hear my voice.  ~Psalms 55:15
SEASONAL FOCUS:   Flowers announce the promise of fruition.
The Angel of Earth – Sunday Morning. 
The purpose of this Communion was to transform the generative powers in life into the regeneration of the human body.

THE PHYSICAL COMMUNION:   This day is devoted to tending the Earth. In the spirit of regeneration, healing and abundance, focus on creative work out-of-doors or in the garden. As stewards of the Earth, understand how things grow and how we are nourished by the life force of plants. Tend to gardens, plants, flowers and trees. Don’t create “waste” or garbage. Recycle everything.

THE DEEPENING:  Spend time out-doors. Hold in your hands a stone, or a piece of wood. Explore it intently. Know that this Earth and all that dwells therein is but a divine reflection of Holy Law.
MORNING COMMUNION:   Angel of EARTH I invoke thee; for the Lord hath created this world to be a garden, where the magic of herbs and the secrets of plants – nourish and heal the bodies of men. As I regenerate my body, I regenerate my soul, and as each morning comes, I shall embrace thee.
MEDITATION:  I feel my body become one with the earth. From the richness of the soil springs the fruits that you share and thy stones have become my bones. Yea, I too am the rock. My spirit belongs to that which was kindled in the beginning of times. Bring that consciousness back to me now.
NOON CONTEMPLATION OF PEACE:   Peace with the BODY:   As thou movest the air with thy breath, movest thy body with thy soul. Eat only from the garden of thy Earthly Mother, and walk always in the light of the Holy Law; for he who hath found peace with the body, hath built a Holy temple, wherein may forever dwell the spirit of God.
The Angel of Creative Work – Sunday Evening
The purpose of this Communion was to teach the importance of creative work and its paramount role in the individual’s spiritual evolution.
EVENING COMMUNION:   Angel of CREATIVE WORK I invoke thee; for he who walks with the Angel of work has within him a field always fertile, where healing herbs and beautiful flowers blossom and grow. The mind that is idle is full of the weeds of discontentment, but he who has found his task shall not be in want of other blessings. And as each evening comes, I shall embrace thee.
THE BLESSING:  The table of my house is abundantly full, and I have much to share. I joyfully gather the fruits of my labors, and I work with the talents I have. In the labor of right livelihood, I find the greatest joys of life, and my cupboard overflows with its blessings.
 To lift your eyes to heaven when all men’s eyes are on the ground, is not easy. To worship at the feet of the angels when all men worship only fame and riches, is not easy. But the most difficult of all is to think the thoughts of the angels, to speak the words of the angels, and to do as the angels do.  ~ Gospel of the Essenes
Peace be with you.