The Key To Awakening: Awaken The Master Navigator In YOU


You are in a sleep, a sleep that is far from ordinary … But a feeling inside moved you to question the world around you … It made you restless and set you out on your search. That part of you is your Navigator here to rouse you from that sleep.

“The Universe left you a secret key.”

Do you want to know what this key is?

What if I told you it is something you already have? In fact, it is something you have probably heard of before, but cast it aside. Perhaps others discouraged you from using it. I wonder what you will do with it if I tell you. Will you listen to your Navigator and use it or push it back under the doormat and forever lock yourself out from awakening? The Universe gave us all a sense so that we can move to the place where the sleeper exists and bring back the knowledge we needed. It gave us the sixth sense. The sixth sense is the missing link that will open the door to awakening.

How does a Sleeper awaken?

The Navigator tells us what we need to do.

It guides and directs us through life, and we must learn to enhance that sense. We must enhance that
sense ….

~ Eric Pepin