Daily Chabad ~ Two Minds


The mind of a woman and the mind of a man—they are two distinct minds at their very core. And only with both can there be a world.

It began when G‑d emanated a world. In doing so, He invested His light within two states of mind. One mind sees from above to below, and from that perspective this entire universe seems insignificant. From above to below, there is no world, only One.

The other mind sees from below to above. From that perspective all of creation is divine. From below to above, there is a world, and that world is significant, because it points to the Oneness.

At the nexus of these two minds, at the crux of their paradox, there shines the very Essence of the Infinite Light.

The first mind descended into man; the second into woman.

That is why the man has the power to conquer and subdue, but he lacks a sense of the other.

That is why the woman feels the other. She does not conquer, she nurtures. But her light is tightly constrained and so she will often criticize instead of nurture.

As they bond together, the man sweetens the judgment of the woman and the woman teaches the man to feel the other. And in that union shines the very Essence of the Infinite.