Out of The Blue

out of blue
~ From an unexpected or unforeseen source
~ At a completely unexpected time

How many times we noticed ourselves saying this famous expression when we are talking to each other and willing to make the subject sound more impact-full?

Why Out Of The Blue?
Why not green, yellow or any other spectrum of color (Co+LORE)?

Color Blue in Russellian science and Astrology is associated with a feminine energy of creation. A Magnetism. Venus. Eve… Earth.

Feminine energies are intuitive, natural, knowing, caring, loving, nurturing. They are creating. This is why we say “Out of The Blue” when we want to ex-press our amazement of something appearing suddenly in action without warning.

Out of the Mother, out of the Earth, out of the Magnetic ethereal spheres of attraction. Because you claim that you attracted certain events occuring in front of you being thyself a:

~MAGNET : M (matter; feminine) + Ag (the chemical element Silver) + Net = caught in a material Net of Moon (she), visualised by ones imagination …

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