Paradigm Shift ~ Scientists Discover the True Age of Water Actually Predates the Sun!


Water didn't come from earth, it just landed here like some beautiful alien that brings life to anything it touches. Water didn’t come from earth, it just landed here like some beautiful alien that brings life to anything it touches.
Water didn’t come from earth, it just landed here like some beautiful alien that brings life to anything it touches.

How old is water? We often like to imagine that shortly after the earth solidified in its creation to be this rocky ball orbiting the sun, water came to be on this planet. It predates all biological life on earth, in fact – it paved the way for life to emerge. It is through water that biological life formed.  (Click on image to read entire article.)


Seminary ~ The ABC’s of Physics

ABC physicsThe ABC’s of physics!  Anything you’d change?

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EVENING MEDITATION (30 mins.) ~ Just for Today … If we are a global village, everything you do affects others. This week notice how your dreams and actions affect other people. You can bring light if you choose to.

Stories about the human colonization of other worlds were popular in the 1950s, with a promise of material abundance, and much of the population of the Western world excited about the possibilities offered by new technologies and a beneficial, authoritative science. That humans could extend their reach to other worlds seemed inevitable progress. Today, the popular faith in science and technology has drained away, to be replaced by a widespread, if often unspoken, fear. We have opened the box and seen where our ambition leads, and though we might quickly close it again and look away, it is too late in the day for any kind of innocence. We must move past the delusions of society.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”  ~ The Buddha

Just For Today …

Let your definition of play expand this week, as you find the fun side of everything you do.

Did you know that the rough-and-tumble play of children actually prevents violent behavior? Play is actually a science unto itself, because it can grow human talents and character across a lifetime. To any other parent that’s listening with a young child, you know, say a child over 3 but under 12, I ask you to think about this: if you just observe the children and don’t try and direct them, and watch what it is they like to do in play, you often will see a key to their innate talents. And if those talents are given fairly free reign, then you see that there is a union between self and talent … that this is nature’s way of sort of saying this is who you are and what you are. I’m sure if you go back and think about both of your children or yourself and go back to your earliest emotion-laden, visual, and visceral memories of what really gave you joy, you’ll have some sense of what was natural for you and where your talents lie. When crucial experiences are missed, the ability to regulate emotions and to establish empathy and to live with trust with one’s companions is definitely attenuated, or definitely constricted.

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” ~ Fred Rogers


Out of The Blue

out of blue
~ From an unexpected or unforeseen source
~ At a completely unexpected time

How many times we noticed ourselves saying this famous expression when we are talking to each other and willing to make the subject sound more impact-full?

Why Out Of The Blue?
Why not green, yellow or any other spectrum of color (Co+LORE)?

Color Blue in Russellian science and Astrology is associated with a feminine energy of creation. A Magnetism. Venus. Eve… Earth.

Feminine energies are intuitive, natural, knowing, caring, loving, nurturing. They are creating. This is why we say “Out of The Blue” when we want to ex-press our amazement of something appearing suddenly in action without warning.

Out of the Mother, out of the Earth, out of the Magnetic ethereal spheres of attraction. Because you claim that you attracted certain events occuring in front of you being thyself a:

~MAGNET : M (matter; feminine) + Ag (the chemical element Silver) + Net = caught in a material Net of Moon (she), visualised by ones imagination …

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