glistening roseThe chakra teachings are very profound…yet, they can also be very simple:

How your mind operates on a daily basis is largely determined by where your life-force is concentrated within your body.

When this pranic life-force is excessively concentrated in the lower centers of the psyche, the mind tends to be emotional and commotional. Regardless of your better intentions, you struggle to overcome old and destructive habits. Lower instincts dominate our behavior.

In this day and age, if we are left to our ‘default settings’, the prana tends to concentrate excessively in these lower centers. Thus, the vast majority of human beings are operating from an emotional/commotional energetic space, pulled by the tide of the status quo, mesmerized by the pleasures of normalcy.

On the other hand, if the prana is able to lift and distribute itself throughout your being, the mind is able to operate from intelligence, intuition and guidance. It is as if you’ve activated an internal GPS system of the soul.

You begin to project a brightness that carries you. The lower instincts are guided by an elevated intelligence. You organically move in the direction of your higher destiny and your organism is filled with a deep sense of somatic bliss.

When the pranic environment transforms, it’s as if you are viewing the world through an entirely new and vast lens.

Problems that used to seem enormous, are now simply insignificant. What used to throw you off your rocker no longer has the strength to bother you. Everything changes, and life becomes supremely enjoyable.

Click below to watch the second video in our training series, and begin to experience the realm of the heightened pranic environment.


(Some of you have already viewed videos one and two. If you’d like to revisit, here’s the link again. Video three will be out very soon.)

Sat Nam,
Jai Dev Singh

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