Seeds for Meditation … Life In The Ascended State



The ultimate goal of humanity is to ascend into the crystalline Light body, a state of true immortality.

Evolution does not stop there, but continues beyond fifth density into sixth and finally, seventh, the original level of the soul.

At some point, your soul’s journey through the lower worlds will be complete and you will return to the seventh plane where you will reunite with your soul family.

Whether this happens in 100 years or a million does not matter, for what is in front of you now is what matters.

This is the most exciting time in the history of your soul’s journey.

Even though most of you have had numerous incarnations in fourth and fifth density worlds before, never have you moved directly into the higher dimensions in the manner set before you now.

Planets evolve through the lower densities, taking approximately 108 million years to complete one density level.

In the case of your Earth, which is approximately 4.5 billion years old, it took most of that time to get established on the path of ascension.

Now that Earth is moving into fourth density, we anticipate that she will remain a fourth density world for the next 108 million years, although souls will be able to reside upon her that are fifth density.

In your fifth density state, you will not be subject to the same laws and principles as fourth density humans.

You will be walking in two worlds, or rather, two different levels of Gaia, the conscious being you called Earth.

(to be continued)

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