Vogel Crystals, ARC Crystals, Crystal Wands, HOW TO. BASICS and Science of Crystal DNA Healing

Classic Vogel, Pranic, and ‘Apollo ARC Vogel’ Crystals, The A.R.C., Patent Pending GEM TECH treeoflifetech.com. This is an intro to the Vogel and ARC crystal, the basics, a little science and a little How To. This is also an intro to the Apollo Vogel Crystals. Gem, minerals, structured water, homeopathics, healing plants, platinum, gold and more placed and capped into a Classic Vogel Crystal. Presented by inventor of the Acoustic Resonance Crystal and Apollo Gem lights Apollo S. PhD. Trained in Vogel Sciences and techniques by Walber Pinto (Marcel’s ‘Protoge’), Joe Blankenship (friend and fellow scientist of Vogel and Wilhelm Reich), and others directly involved with Marcel like his cutter and friend Drew Tousley, Apollo and Tree of Life Tech has greatly advanced the understandings, sciences, and tools of many, especially Dr. Marcel Vogel and the Vogel Crystal. Amazing tools of healing, higher consciousness, and wellness.

We would like the world to know that, as there is much conjecture over Vogel crystals, there is no trademark as claimed by Rumi Da of Lifestream crystals and Vogelcrystals.net. Rumi has lied about this and the way that he attained the trademark to begin with. Keeping this science and tools out of the public realm, and from other scientists and cutters. This technology is very real, not metaphysical as many describe. It is very physical an powerful when used correctly. Tree of Life tech has advanced the science like no other, and the Apollo Crystals, their filling, techniques, and magnetic drive interaction are powerful patent pending tools. Only from Tree of Life Tech.

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