New Moon in Scorpio….. Diwali Festival of Lights


Wednesday 11 November marks the annual New Moon festival of Diwali, where Hindus around the world light lamps to show the way home for the returning King Rama and his entourage of Lady Sita, Prince Lakshmana and head of the troops Lieutenant Hanuman. With the dark moon night leaving the moon conspicuous by its absence, the lamps brightly allow us to invoke the light by dispelling the darkness in our lives.

Rama is of course our own Vishnu avatara, alternative incarnation of Krishna, appearing millions of years ago with a green comlexion and becoming known as the ieal king, ruler or leader or his people. From this dynasty we get the term “Rama Rajaya” – a time of perfected rulership and idyllic utopian society. We all pray that India’s BJP, Congress Party and others will introduce such an administarative rule once again, under Prime Minister Modi. More than that we…

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