A Problematic Trend Amongst “the Awakened”: Back-Door Ego Disorder


From Science and Metaphysics.com

Back-Door Ego Disorder is an Spiritual Transmitted Disease that arises when people obtain too much spiritual knowledge without having done enough self-work. It is a product of too much information and not enough wisdom.

When talking with people who have this disorder (even when you are talking spiritual philosophy), you may notice that they want to put more emphasis on their correctness then on the actual issue at hand. They want you to KNOW that they know what they are talking about.

In their minds, they think they care about the truth. But in reality, they care about being recognized as caring about the truth. Similar to how the Pharisees in the Bible would do good works and pray in public to get peer-approval, people with this STD like to be seen as being spiritual, wise, and knowledgeable.

Their intentions are to enhance their own self-image, not to actually reach higher consciousness. If they DO want to reach higher consciousness, it is only so that they can be seen in the eyes of others as being more evolved.

In reality, these people are dealing with a lack of self-worth, and maybe even self-hatred. By receiving external confirmation from others, they feel the validation and sense of purpose that they currently lack in their lives.

For people with Back-Door Ego Disorder, ‘spirituality’ is just another way their ego to try to prove its superiority over others.

This is a spiritual disease that ultimately stems from a combination of improper spiritual practice and a feeling of deep inadequacy and insecurity.

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