Tarot Contemplation – Five of Cups


Whatever, or wherever, your heart looks-to, you create.  Do not cry over spilt milk, as the saying goes, and focus on what was; rather, look to what you still have and what you can do.  So, what are you going to choose to focus on that will benefit you?  Do not allow delays to hinder your progress.  This is a time when you can elect to go around an obstacle in your path, so continue to act proactively … but not pushy.  If you had work on your mind when you saw this card come up, then this sign might mean that you are in the wrong job or line of work.  It’s time to consider your options.  If you are inquiring about a relationship, perhaps things between you and your partner are drawing to a close … give yourself the time and space needed to work through this possibility.  Perhaps all is not lost after all.  And, stop worrying about things like money or your health so much.  Remember how the Law of Attraction works:  worry will attract the very thing you are worrying about avoiding.  If you have been following these cards, you know that your daily efforts to make necessary adjustments are paying off.  A positive attitude about YOU is important today.

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