How to Grow Lanzones Fruit Tree

A favorite fruit from childhood is Lanzones …

Lanzones is fruit which has similar appearance with grape. However, they’re entirely different fruits.

Lanzones originally comes from South East Asia, specifically Malaysia.

Many lanzones fruit tree can be found in Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. It has another variety called duku fruit.However, lanzones fruit is smaller and cannot last longer than duku. It should be eaten after being picked from the tree.

Is it is possible to grow lanzones at home garden?

Some Simple Steps to Grow Lanzones Fruit Tree In Your Backyard:  Place the tree in the pot with a shady place if it’s not ready to be planted in the ground. Keep watering it until it’s ready to be planted in the ground. The soil to plant lanzones should be well drained. The area should have enough sun exposure. After finding the best place, you can dig a hole to put the tree in it. Place the tree in the hole you made in the soil before. Be careful with the root that it can be broken. Then, you can tamp the soil once the tree placed in. You can also spread mulch around it to protect it from weeds. Water the tree regularly so the soil keep moist. You have to keep this watering process until it reaches 2 years old. Don’t do excessive watering that makes the water flooded because the tree cannot thrive in it. You just need to keep the soil moist.

Lanzones fruits have round, oval, or elliptical shape. Each fruit has several pieces inside.It contains beneficial substances such as antioxidant, fiber, minerals, and vitamins.It is beneficial to improve health. Its antioxidant benefits for preventing free radical which can harm body.

Besides the fruit, the skin of lanzones is also used as mosquito repellent. The skin of lanzones just need to be dried. Then, you can burn the skin to get rid off mosquitoes.

For your information, lanzones fruit is easy to find in South East Asia. The fruit itself cannot last longer, so it’s best to eat it directly after being picked from the trees.

Lanzones fruit consists of thin skin, sweet flesh, and bitter seed. The leaves of lanzones are dark green, different from duku leaves which have bright green color.

However, lanzones fruit is very refreshing and delicious to eat in hot climate. Lanzones fruits contain much water, that’s what makes it fresh and it’s one of the characteristics of tropical fruit.

Source: How to Grow Lanzones Fruit Tree

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