Tarot Contemplation – The Moon


The Moon represents darkness, but not in a negative sense.  It represents the realms of the unconscious, and of the illusions that might exist in one’s conscious perception of things.  Now is the time to pay attention to your intuition and dreams.  What do your deepest feelings tell you about your current situation?  What are you most afraid of right now?  Sometimes the most profound growth is found in facing our deepest fears.  You may be hiding something from others or yourself.  Someone may also be hiding something from you, contributing to confusion and fear you’re feeling.  The Moon advises us to go within to seek better understanding before taking action.  It may be wise to keep some things hidden for now.  This card also represents natural cycles, such as the cycles of the moon, menstruation, or the changing of the seasons.  Today, rather than reacting to the events that occur, take time to reflect.  If someone or something upsets you, consider why you feel so strongly about the matter.  Does it remind you of something in your past?  Though it may be scary or painful to look so closely at your hidden motivation, doing so will give you valuable knowledge about yourself.

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