Tarot Contemplation – Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is the one woman in your life that is and ever shall be in your corner 100% … always caring, nurturing and empathetic towards you, your needs and what’s going on with you in this Moment.  Think positively, because this feminine energy is supporting you … at work, in your relationships, with your health and even your spiritual outlook … in all ways that you have yet to realize.  So give yourself a break today and be creative as you reach out, especially to other women, to nurture the relationships surrounding you.  In this way, you honor your mother and The Mother by nurturing yourself with compassion.  In a macrocosmic sense, this is the Universe reaching out to heal your Spirit with Mother’s love and asking you to See that all is related.  All are related.  And so … may you be pleasantly surprised with a dose of intuitive clairvoyance today as you embrace the Mother within you.

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