Lantern Plants & Witchcraft

The Witch & Walnut

lantern plants & witchcraftI absolutely adore Lantern Plants and I have been lucky to find a wonderfully large patch growing wild off a country road. I have been foraging them in that same spot for years, I pass them daily on my way work.

I have grown them from seed, and quite easily I might add. I just threw them into a pot put it out in full sun and they went wild. These are very invasive plants, so even in a pot they will happily spill over and keep crawling over everything. Since I have limited space on my property I choose carefully what I grow, everything else I forage from the woods. I stopped growing these years ago when I found that wild patch, so grateful that mother nature showed up for me.

These are fruit bearing and some say they are poisonous because they technically belong to the nightshade family. Aside…

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