Casting a Circle

Mystical Tales

This is known as a Magic Circle or Ritual Circle. The Ritual Circle is an area marked by a person as a sacred and protective area for them to complete their rituals or spellcasting. The Circle blocks unwanted spirits and energies that may be attracted to your energy. Creating this space is what is known as Casting a Circle.

compassThere are a number of ways to Cast a Circle. You can physically mark it out with crystals or stones, salt, chalk, etc., or you can simply visualize it. One of the more common ways to Cast a Circle is to use your finger, wand, or Athame and trace around the edge of the Circle going clockwise three times. For greater protection, you can start in the East and trace to the South, West, and North. Candles representing each direction’s Element (Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, respectively) are often placed along…

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