Apatite or The Sincerity Stone

Anima Mundi Crystals

The Apatite or The Sincerity Stone  is a phosphate of magmatic origin coming in gray, yellow, green and blue colours.

131241-004-61F43234Spiritually the apatite brings sincerity and sociability. Makes one more extrovert inclined and offers motivation and options in life.
Subconsciously works well against the apathy replacing it with agility, it is useful in case of exhaustion especially after a excessive activity followed by apathy, it also reduces irritability and aggression.

apatite-crystal-specimenMentally the apatite facilitates the overcoming  of preoccupations, anger and apathy and centres  the attention on positive circumstances.
Physically  the apatite stimulates a healthy appetite. Mobilizes the reserves of energy, promoting the new formation of cells as well as cartilages, bones and teeth.

6apatite-canada-bluecat2672Application: In all cases the apatite will be worn directly on the body.   For bone cicatrization and pain relief can be applied directly on the affected area.


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