An Open Letter To People Who Boil Animals Alive

Dear Reader,
Being boiled alive is easily one of the worst ways to dieImagine this:

As boiling water touches your body, your extremities are the first to burn. These extremities include your fingertips, which have more nerve endings than many other areas of your body.

Once your outer layers are “cooked,” your organs will begin to heat up until the liquid in your body starts boiling them. Your entire body will turn red and start to blister. You may even smell yourself boiling. (Are you gagging yet? Did the body-boiling-your-organs line get you?)

You’ll feel the intense pain. It will be prolonged. And you’ll be conscious for most of it, provided your brain doesn’t boil first. It’s not a quick death by any means.

I always knew how horrible boiling animals alive was. So much so that I refused to eat animals killed in this way (mainly lobsters) before I went vegan. Even as a child I knew what it felt like to be burned by boiling water and steam simply from cooking pasta. I couldn’t imagine inflicting that pain on an animal’s entire body.

I was appalled last week reading of a restaurant in Maine that purportedly gets lobsters stoned before boiling them alive. Can you even believe? […]

Read the entire letter here:

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