Card of the Day- Knight of Pentacles – Monday, February 11, 2019

Tarot by Cecelia

Under today’s Taurus Moon, do you know how it affects you and how you will react? Our Knight of Pentacles, who very much embodies Taurus energy, is reliable, slow-moving (you see him sitting on the snail), and very down-to-earth. If used properly on this Monday, you can work in a thorough, meticulous manner, knowing that doing the job right the first time, and with proper care, avoids the necessity to redo things down the line.

Pretty much how this card translates for you today is dependent upon the attitude you wake up with on Monday morning. Taurus can be a hard worker with a fabulous reputation, or not. It is also possible under this Moon to be a bit of a slacker, which may not go over well with coworkers if they feel you are not pulling your weight. For the most part, I feel you can put this card…

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