Energy Update | April 29, 2019

Saturn is the planet of karma, responsibility, time, lessons and goals and it is extra ambitious in Capricorn. This retrograde will teach us some lessons. It is extra powerful as Pluto is in the same sign and has begun his retrograde AND the South Node (karma) is in Capricorn. Those born under a Saturn retrograde are said to have old souls, re-living past experiences and thereby progressed spiritually. Saturn is tradition, reality, earthing and boundaries. It is structure that creates physical security. Saturn is the highest planets in the hierarchy and is thereby said to be closer to the Gods according to ancients. Saturn is also manifestation and creating tangible things from our dreams. Therefore, moving backward might delay the manifestation process, especially if we haven’t learned our lessons. Saturn is karma, and it is time now to learn, heal and release. Saturn also rules time, so time might feel to stand still at this time. Saturn is stability, structure, goals, responsibility and the divine masculine. There are lessons to be learned here for us as individuals but also as a collective. Since Saturn is an outer planet, it won’t affect our daily loves, but more so our lives from a higher perspective. Study Saturn and its retrograde to start studying your life and this shift within.

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