Card of the Day – The Devil – Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Tarot by Cecelia

However many years may be involved likely varies from one individual to another, but this turning point, it has arrived, and it is time to set yourself free. Parts of the old life can not co-exist with the new life which awaits you by the Solstice, so being released from what has been holding you back has to be a welcome feeling, no matter how scary it may feel. Free will is at work here, and by choosing not to continue in any patterns, situations, or relationships, which may be construed as self-destructive, is a step toward freedom and higher ground.

The Devil card not only covers free will, but all of the addictions and temptations which confront us all on a daily basis. Sometimes, they are not that apparent, so it is easy to simply continue, but, now, at this time, comes the recognition that remaining chained to something…

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