Health | Resentment Causes Knots In Your Energy Field

We all hold grudges big and small.

When you initially start out the practice of Forgiveness daily, at first you might think you will run out of people to forgive or to ask forgiveness from.

But it turns out that it is an ongoing process.

So here is the practice: close your eyes and visualize the person who wronged you or who you wronged. Ask for forgiveness and then forgive them.

Every time you do this you will experience heat and vibration right under your heart, near your stomach and it will feel like a Knot has been untied every time you forgive. These knots cause blockages of energy flow and of breath.

The more knots you untie the more freedom you will experience.

It takes psychic energy to hold a grudge.

Forgive everyone for everything.

These knots are not needed. Let the energy flow easily through you!

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