A Blessed Autumnal Equinox!

Can you feel the shift? 🌸

Today is the Fall/Spring equinox depending on what hemisphere you live in, marking the first day of a new season and a day of total equilibrium. This happens at 03:50 am (EDT). Night and day, dark and light are in perfect balance. Now we will experience the shift of seasons and how nature changes in this new cycle. For us in the northern hemisphere, we experience that the light slowly diminishes and nature slowly goes to sleep. 🌸

The Sun moves to the sign of Libra, which is the second air sign in the zodiac. Here we move away from the mind-oriented Virgo and move in to relating to others and creating balance. The Sun today will be right over the equator, moving from north to south and creating equal day and night. 🌸

This has traditionally marked the time of the second harvest celebrations, Mabon, following Lammas and ending with Samhain. This is a celebration for that which we are grateful for and it is a great time to share a nice meal with our loved ones. This has also mythologically been the time when Goddesses Persephone and Inanna descended to the underworld and nature darkenened. It has also been the time when the Sun God dies in order to resurrect again either at the winter solstice or spring equinox. 🌸

I think we all are feeling the shifts as it is true that as above, so below, as without as within. We follow the cycles of nature even in these modern days and we can still connect to the magic of nature. If you can, be in nature, pick from the ground the pine cones, chestnuts and the leaves. Pick some apples or pears and bring it all in to your home and give thanks for all that nature has given us. Today we honor the bounty of nature and we are grateful for all that she provides us with. Happy Equinox!

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