Daily Meditation

Keep giving energy to your dreams! Take care of yourself! You’re building up great momentum! Results are coming in at a high speed! You have so many great things coming your way! You are so blessed! Don’t give up that thought of things working out for you. They actually are. Doubt and fear is not allowed in your space. You are only going upwards! One day you’ll look back and be THANKFUL that you kept pushing forward. You’ll be thankful that you kept growing. Reaching that place is making the choice today to keep going no matter what kind of adversities or challenges you face. Don’t let your current situation make you feel hopeless. Remember that one time you were at a low point, and you made it through? Well, you can do it again! Don’t get caught up in this moment and forget your strength. The reason why we have all these experiences, is not only to get the lessons, but to become stronger. We’re made to survive, adapt, change, and transform ourselves. Don’t hold on to things longer than their stay. Be open to newness, even if it doesn’t make sense at the moment.

Most of our pain comes from fear of change, because we want what’s familiar. We have difficulties in letting go, because we want to force everything to be the same. The beautiful thing about life is that the moment we let go of what weighs heavy on us, we find new inspiration to continue on. We get a second chance. The best way to get out of a negative cycle is to start working on your thoughts, before you work on the outside. Listen the predominate thoughts you have; that will give you insight to what you’ve been attracting. Shift your thoughts to the outcome you want. Be more patient with yourself. Always know and believe that you will be okay. That everything is just fine. You’ve survived before, you’ll survive again.

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