Astrology | Aquarius Season

We are coming close to closing the astrological cycle as the Sun moves into the last air sign and the second last sign overall, Aquarius. Aquarius rules the 11th house which is all about groups, organisations, friends and the collective. It is future thinking, ground breaking and kinda unique. It is all about being that unique spark and through this creating a new world. It is utopian and also very humanitarian. We want to have freedom to seek and enter new grounds and we do not see life only from the perspective of the individual, but also from the perspective of all of mankind. We do not like traditions nor restrictions at this time and we are willing to update and refresh old beliefs. We understand that we as individuals have the capacity to impact the progress of the world and mankind, therefore we do not feel the restriction of being a human, we see that all of us with our uniqueness can create change and make an impact.

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