Lāʻau Lāpaʻau | Consumption of Mixed Berries Containing Anthocyanins May Improve Post-prandial Insulin Response in Overweight and Pre-diabetic Adults

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Diabetes mellitus has become a significant public health concern in the modern era. It is considered to be a lifestyle disease that can be moderated by dietary and lifestyle changes. Studies have shown long-term and acute consumption of berries, high in polyphenols and fiber, may have positive effects on glucose metabolism and glucose-regulation. The objective of this randomized cross-over study was to evaluate the glucoregulatory benefits of mixed berries containing an array of anthocyanins to determine whether flavonoids/anthocyanins and/or fiber proved beneficial.

The study was conducted at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center in Beltsville, Maryland between January 2018 and March 2019. Participants were recruited through emails sent to the Beltsville Nutrition Center volunteer database, local federal agencies, and the University of Maryland in the Baltimore and Washington DC geographical area. Participants were included between the ages of 21 and 75 years with a body mass…

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