Astrological Talismans: Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a Talisman

Peter Stockinger's Traditional Astrology Weblog

An article by Guest Author Christine Norstrand

About the image: These tiles are based on a series of stained glass windows designed by Edward Burne-Jones, lifelong friend of William Morris. You can read more about their history here:

Who I am and am not: I am not a real astrologer. I don’t even play one on the Internet. I have completed two years of formal study, in a field where the best have been doing this for decades. I do make art tile, but I do not sell talismans and I especially do not prescribe them to others. I am open to commissions from “real” astrologers and their clients. Sometime in the future, I hope to offer sets of tile, such as De Sphaera and other medieval series, made to talismanic standards.

I came to this unlikely interest in astrological magic by a strange route – My interest in…

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