Sue’s Bread Pudding

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Sue’s Bread Pudding

If you’ve read CPM’s recent posts on The People Feeding Project, you know that we move a lot of food around weekly, shuffling ingredients from here to there and cooking things to hand out to the city’s hungry.  A lot of food gets handed out. But the truth of the matter is that what we cook id free or mostly free.  And we aren’t the only ones shuffling around ingredients either. This recipe features bread, which we are gifted weekly via our friend Liz from her friend Camilla, who retrieves day old bread from bakeries in Napa, which then arrive to Food Is Free Solano.  Day old bread is PERFECT for bread pudding.  Also, the eggs come from our egg supplier (on their way to expiration but still fine) and the sugar, coconut, toasted pecans and cinnamon was a gift from our friend Alexis, who recently…

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