Astrology ~ New Moon for August 25, 2014 (Virgo New Moon)

The new moon in Virgo takes place in the morning (US) on August 25th.  She opposes Neptune, but what interests me more is the tight conjunction of Mars and Saturn that takes place, simultaneously.

Virgo’s ruler, Mercury is looking good in his home sign.  When I pull this all together, this will be a great time to actually get something (major) done.

I am not talking about washing the dishes. I am talking about preserving and solving a puzzle or some kind of intractable problem in your life.

Here are some ideas:

New Moon in the 1st house –  Fix your appearance.
New Moon in the 2nd house – Sort out finances. Streamline or automate your banking.
New Moon in the 3rd house –  Edit your writing. Organize your files.
New Moon in the 4th house – Clean and organize your house!
New Moon in the 5th house – Help your children. Read to them. Improve their health via diet  / daily habit. Talk to them.
New Moon in the 6th house – Give yourself to service, especially at work.
New Moon in the 7th house – Talk to your partner.
New Moon in the 8th house – Make a will. Clean up your psyche.
New Moon in the 9th house – Read about religion or other cultures. Talk to foreigners, especially about their beliefs.
New Moon  the 10th house – Set an example of efficient service.
New Moon in the 11th house –  Call a friend!
New Moon in the 12th house –  Donate your time. Help feed the poor.

Where does the new moon fall in chart?  Set your intention!
Get your plans in gear for roll-out on the 25th … Yeah, Baby!


Here is the chart for the August 2014 New Moon (Virgo New Moon):


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Astrology ~ UPCOMING ~ AUGUST 8, 2014 ~ LION’S GATE ~ 8:8 SOLAR POWER

lion stargateThis time of year with all of its wonderful power days is my favorite. I truly see the continual and constant worth of these energy alignments. We are all part of the sacred path and sacred days. As of late two powerful energies have made themselves known many many times a day. White buffalo calf woman and cougarwoman, both sacred and holy feminine energies in their own right. Each asks you to step beyond fear into the unknown and magical aspects of your self. We each seek entrance into the next level of our being, the energies of August 2014 will lead you to another level of personal and planetary initiation. Time to beef up our light put on our big girl panties and step up to the plate.

On August 8, (8:8) Solar power will shift into material form to be seen and felt creating an accessible time portal within self. Uniting the two hemispheres of the brain initiating a total-recall sort of experience. This fusion births a level of light that even the blind can distinguish. So powerful is this ‘solar vibration’ we will have but one choice as it enters our energy field. The choice is to just let go and allow it to pass through like a solar wind, not holding on to any part of it. Like a cool breeze on a hot day just allow the solar emanations to encircle and embrace you without trying to corral them and make them obey. Just this minute action will shift the future into a place that can been seen and felt in a higher heart.

The 8:8 energy alignment is symbolic of the human DNA kept separate and secret with resolve. 8:8 represents the timeless relationship that humanity has with earth. As the very stars broadcast to all that will listen as a time passage is opened, revealing higher aspects of the human cognitive ability, mental capacities, IQ and the ability to remember (near and far past and future) will be increased.

The numerical evolutionary vibrations of this 8:8 are powerful and self-fulfilling. They actualize the need to attain and reach for something more, not settling. Reaching for what seems far in a future that can only be seen through a pinhole laced with purple-haze. A new channel is sought and found. Unexpected potentials are reached in those we once gave up upon. The unforeseen is birthed, and encrypted will be the norm. The August energies allow you the opportunity to align with all that was before Creation took this form. The alpha, the omega, and every molecule in-between invite you to partake of their truths. You are finally able to enter the free flowing experience of all possibility; like newly fallen snow with no footprints on it, you will walk upon a clean slate that seeks your approval.

Learning to truly see, to create, to make real by looking through the quantum portal deep into the proverbial rabbit hole takes its toll on your sleeping and your imagination. It is time to change the description of what once was thought to be limitation. A call to duty is announced to all that are willing to expand. You have finally come to the apex of realization. Your thoughts are the source of your power! Any and all limitations can be a source of power. Any shadows you battle can be a source of power. All has the ability to be transformed from lead into gold. What stretches you comes to gift you.

Favorable energies come to call at your door. Those who have never looked in your direction bring a cornucopia of unexpected support. This past year you were asked to climb above fear, above emotions fording deep emotional waters and past life debris. You watched your world change its landscape right in front of your eyes happening in moments, not decades. You felt helpless to change the outcome of what appeared to be destined. You were stretched and pulled about like salt-water taffy.

You have changed forever, never to return to who you once were. You sit perched on a new branch of heart, awaiting a signal of when it is safe to take wing: neither sign, nor signal comes. You must rely only upon your own intuition to move forward. As this singularity, you sit in a place of great power and sacredness; all that you do or do not do is created by you and you alone.

The Blessedness of this year travels to every shore that will welcome it. By seeing the existing blessings in your transformative lives you will create a connection for this wave of blessedness to adhere to. The more thoughts you have of blessing what is in your life right now the more energy is generated, and the easier the new connection will be made. Thoughts of thankfulness and gratitude beckon this wave of blessedness; thoughts of negativity repel it.

The fruits of all past labors of life and love can be now tasted and supped upon. What was once thought to be lost is found within ones very own life. Energy spent in helping others was placed into a universal account that has accrued to mighty proportions. Nothing was ever lost or wasted or tossed away in thoughts and actions of goodness and kindness. All actions of inherent good have been counted and accounted for by the universal abacus. All time spent in prayer and kind thoughts for others has been exponentially expanded and multiplied beyond earth’s ability to count. A great amount of heavenly rewards finds itself on the road to the masses.

This year offers a pathway of internal illumination and a glimpse into true spiritual fulfillment. It offers a place and time of reconnecting to the Great Light. One is finally escorted into a placement of personal power. Every thought counts dramatically, creating or destroying in its wake. Mastership demands 100% of your attention 24/7. This August unties the ‘time slip-knot’ creating an open road to travel upon beckoning one to quest in a new direction. Fractals restructure themselves into different patterns of thought as the light within the unexpected and unexplained is turned up so high that even the 3 blind mice can see. You are leaving the energy of what has so distracted you and moving into a place of sharp focus. Chose to see all or nothing, do not turn a blind 3rd eye to any possibility. August 8, is a place were the polarities meet and heaven and earth sip from each other’s glass. It is a celebration beyond time that escorts you home through the Sphinx Lion’s Gate to the Stars. You shine for a while on earth. You are composed of matter and antimatter. It is an unprecedented event that takes place every year as this sacred portal opens. The very ends of your DNA will open their little hearts as their filament endings are unwrapped to expose what has been hidden. What comes to be has not unwrapped its protective coverings as of yet, but be assured it is worth its weight in gold.

August 2014 is all about change, change is echoing in the chambers of our souls. Following the direction of the heart takes a tough dedicated spiritually strong person. Choices of the heart are never easy. This year has been a time of metamorphosis. (The hard way, the easy way and every which way.) We have been stripped down to our barely human essentials. Standing in front of the Light, we bare our souls.

Feeling so ready to shift, wanting to experience the shift in one quantum leap instead of one hundred baby steps. We have all intentions of moving forward quickly, silently, lovingly and happily. As we ready ourselves for change we expect all of our cosmic duckies to be in a row. Lined up and bobbing to our personal wavelength. We look to our world to reflect our creation, but nothing seems to be reflected in it that mirrors the image in our mind. We then begin to question our abilities, our intentions, our prayers and our worthiness.

We have entered a newer, bigger doorway of Creational learning. No longer are we mild mannered humans praying, asking, or cajoling an almighty God to give to us as helpless beings. We have achieved Creational Maturity and are now responsible for all props as we dance around this stage of life. In this raised understanding of creation we are asked to be mature in our manifestations. To create concisely, not haphazardly. Not to curse our creations when they do not appear on the date and time we expect them to arrive. For our curses send them immediately back through time and space into the ethers, to sit in the un-creational waiting room.

You are the Creator of your own circumstances. What you have created you can change. When we react to sudden chaos/or negative changes in our life we delay the purpose of creation. If we accept chaos as an opportunity for spiritual elevation, negativity will disappear. We alone determine the amount of time in which turmoil passes. It is time to stop poisoning our future with our doubt.

In this new level of Creatorship we cannot doubt any of our intentions no matter how slight. We need to ready our selves for the lessons in all situations, if your intention is to manifest a certain set of life experiences and you do not see the blueprint in your world, then understand the manifestation is large of molecule and must pass through several layers of light in order to be brought forth in concentrated form. The summer sun will force us all into the shade of our new thinking, looking at how we have created and uncreated since the beginning of time. We truly are experts at this game of creation and it is time to remember that in our every thought.


WEEKLY HOROSCOPE, July 7-13, 2014 ~ by Beverley Taylor

6_3 Zeni'aoi

Another fairly quiet week, very similar to last weeks, but next week there are 3 planetary changes including Jupiter changing signs. This weeks horoscopes will in again in many respects seem very similar to last weeks, so it’s a much quieter week, although with some changes in aspects formed between planets.

The Sun remains in affectionate, affectionate, suspicious and responsive Cancer, with tendencies to withdraw when problems arise seek harmony.

The Moon starts the week in determined, jealous, strong-willed, Scorpio. On Thursday it moves in into broadminded, humorous, optimistic Sagittarius. On Saturday it moves into aloof, pessimistic, responsible Capricorn, with a Full Moon then, giving very strong reactions to people and situationsm finishing the week there.

Mercury remains in bright, quick-witted, chatty, flexible Gemini.

Venus remains in positive, playful Gemini, with good communication and mutual understanding with a partner. The rest of the planets remain much the same as for the last couple of months, so will read very similarly as previously. Some aspects formed by other planets to them, may change although some will remain the same for a while.

Mars remains in vigilant, just, harmonious Libra until Mid July, enabling good relations with others. The Generation planets,

Jupiter through to Pluto and the aspects formed between them remain more or less the same for this week. Jupiter remains in intuitive, principled, considerate Cancer, until next week, with care and help given to others.

Saturn remains in responsible, shrewd, strong-willed Scorpio, until the end of 2014. Saturn travels Retrograde for another week and half, giving a need for privacy, external influences may impact on us more than usual.

Uranus remains in assertive, blunt, energetic, self-willed Aries, for several years, and can make us individualistic and rebellious, unexpected events or disruptive emotional matters, may distract us, or help us see things differently.

Neptune remains in sensitive, intuitive Pisces for the foreseeable future, and helps us gradually develop more empathy, compassion, and build understanding, in a wide variety of ways, but also indicates a need to remain realistic. Neptune is now traveling Retrograde until Mid December, indicating boundaries between reality and illusion may blur at times, causing possible confusion, with a need to look at people and situations realistically.

Pluto remains in Capricorn for quite a few years, so is a very long term influence, showing knowledge gradually acquired on deeper levels, with balance, & realistic ways of recycling & developing our intuitive knowledge further, to use practically. Pluto travels Retrograde until late September, with a relentless search for inner truth, furthering our self knowledge approached the right way.


Planetary Aspects This Week

Sun and Jupiter conjunct from Thursday – More confidence and enthusiasm, but a need for moderation too.

Sun square Mars and Uranus – Assertive and over-impulsive behaviour without thinking things through properly can cause problems. In many respects an impulsive and quite unpredictable approach.

Sun trine Neptune until Thursday – New ideas formed and accepted, with good expression of these. Sun trine Saturn – Responsibilities dealt with fairly easily overall.

Sun trine Moon Tuesday – A harmonious balance between willpower and emotions. Sun opposite Pluto – Defensiveness is probable when challenged by others.

Sun opposite Moon Saturday and Sunday – Possible inconsistent energy flows.


Moon conjunct Saturn Tuesday – A cautious, maybe reserved attitude in some situations.

Moon sextile Pluto Tuesday – A need for deep personal connections with loved ones, but also for some privacy too.

Moon trine Neptune Monday and Tuesday – Enjoyment of close family ties and entertaining events.

Moon trine Jupiter Wednesday – Confidence, generosity and positive dealings with other people.

Moon sextile Mars Thursday and Friday – Eager responses to others, some emotional battles can be won with the right approach.

Moon square Neptune Thursday – Try to remain realistic, as emotions can give a distorted view.

Moon trine Uranus Thursday – An inquisitive outlook, with more information or knowledge possibly gained.

Moon opposite Venus Thursday and Friday – Some conflict may arise in relationships, despite efforts made.

Moon opposite Mercury Friday – It can be hard to bring emotions and reason into balance.

Moon conjunct Pluto Saturday – Intense emotions and relations with other people.

Moon sextile Saturn and Neptune Saturday – Deeper understanding reached in certain situations. Empathy, sensitivity and understanding shown to others.

Moon square Uranus Saturday – Boredom can bring a need for more excitement.

Moon square Mars Sunday – Beware becoming emotionally volatile, or too easily upset, as this can be draining.

Moon opposite Jupiter Sunday – A lack of self confidence can bring a need for reassurance from other people.


Mercury and Venus conjunct from Thursday – Skills at compromising, good self expression and an affable manner.

Mercury and Mars trine – Alertness, with a practical and positive approach to life.


Venus sextile Uranus – Charismatic social relations with other people.

Venus and Mars trine – A warm, affectionate, and congenial outlook, with other people’s better qualities sought.

Venus inconjunct Saturn – Possible over-reactions to other people’s expectations.

Venus inconjunct Pluto until Friday – A desire for acceptance and approval can lead to personal efforts being over-extended.


Mars square Jupiter – Tendencies to go to extremes, with a need to learn moderation.

Mars opposite Uranus – A rather competitive, demanding attitude, with a need for more challenges.


Saturn and Pluto still sextile – A deeper sense of inevitable changes and transformation.

Saturn inconjunct Uranus – Probable difficulty at times establishing priorities in obligations that are undertaken.


Uranus square Pluto – A need for freedom and independence, and tendencies to rebel against interactions that feel too close for comfort.


Neptune and Pluto sextile long term – A need for positive reactions to circumstances and general changes that occur within society.


ARIES 21 March – 20 April
You have a busy but happy home life, enjoying being with your family & loved ones. You feel curious & fidgety, but do need to get out & you enjoy mixing with people who make you think. You seek more of a balance with a partner, & enjoy more quality family time. You’re purposeful, can concentrate, & are original, but erratic. You’re contemplative, & focus on career progress.

TAURUS 21 April – 21 May
You have a strong need to mix more with others, see more of siblings & generally communicate. You can be thrifty, and are in a position to bargain, but might also be more prone to luxury buys.
You show great loyalty & support to your partner, are alert, enthusiastic, & intuitive, but open. You may view friends unrealistically, be somewhat inflexible in some of your views.

GEMINI 22 May – 21 June
You may wish to obtain material possessions, especially if you feel they bring you security. Your understanding & positive self expression wins respect, coupled with charisma & harmony. You’re vigorous, eager and spontaneous. You cleverly invest money, but may ignore health issues. You’re individual, friendly & ambitious, but overly emotional, envious or obsessive.

CANCER 22 June – 23 July
You might feel overly sensitive or emotional at times, but show great affection to loved ones too. Your emotions may clash with logical thought causing confusion, more so if you feel unloved. You may feel a need to control family matters. You’re enthusiastic & optimistic, are creatively skilled. You’re innovative & professional, can be naive, but manipulate your partner at times.

LEO 24 July – 23 August
You quite enjoy having your own space & time alone to do what you want & are very intuitive. You might spend time catching up with friends, who you share a strong affectionate bond with. You speak your mind abrasively at times. You need to alone on occasion, & can feel insecure. You seek mental stimulus, are ingenious imaginative & should look at ongoing health issues.

VIRGO 24 August – 23 September
You may have a busier social life now, & enjoy having time for personal interests & friends. You focus on career goals too, with a practical enlightened approach, & are very responsible. You’re quite materialistic & financially astute. You’re charismatic, inspiring to friends & are focused. You disagree about joint money, are elusive to a partner, also emotional & passionate.

LIBRA 24 September – 23 October
You have a strong need for career progress, and are very ambitious, focused on specific goals. You’re also keen to improve your knowledge, expand your horizons, & drawn to faraway places. You’re competitive, determined & resolute. You’re also motivated & proficient. You dislike feeling restricted by a partner, need to watch your health, & can be changeable at home.

SCORPIO 24 October – 22 November
You may feel you need a holiday or just want to get away from it all, & really enjoy doing so. You astutely manage business & joint financial matters, but can be overly emotional or jealous. You’re empathetic but also rather covert. You’re philosophical, enjoy learning & may lack self esteem. You’re innovative & inventive, overly imaginative, curious but preoccupied by detail.

SAGITTARIUS 23 November – 21 December
You might find deeper emotions overwhelm you at times making you more intense than usual. You share a constructive bond & mutual understanding with a partner, & with deeper closeness. You enjoy mixing & socialising with others. You easily make money, but can be introspective. You’re creative & talented, home life is busy, but you’re competent & financially discerning.

CAPRICORN 22 December – 20 January
You have an enjoyable & happy relationship with your partner, & share a strong intuitive bond. Your many work responsibilities can cause stress, & need harmonious dealings with colleagues. You focus on personal ambitions & goals. You have a happy bond with a partner & mix with old friends. Home life can be erratic, you can be vague, & inscrutable, but have great potential.

AQUARIUS 21 January – 19 February
You put in a great deal of hard work, & are supportive to workmates, but can feel overloaded. You make the most of your leisure time & need to have fun, your charm wins over other people. You’re innovative, seeking challenges. You’re businesslike, ambitious & responsible. You have unusual ideas, feel financially vulnerable, & are focused, but secretive & tense at times.

PISCES 20 February – 20 March
You enjoy spending time on personal interests, with children you know or maybe just relaxing. You also gain great pleasure from family time with loved ones, & share a special bond with them. You get best results working alone, & can focus. You’re charming, but wary of changes. You’re erratic with money, self deceptive, & have ongoing challenging friendships to deal with.



Bev TaylorDisclaimer

I can’t guarantee anything shown on these horoscopes, they can only offer general information, as written by Beverley Taylor or Astrologymix, so please note that they should be considered for entertainment purposes only. However I do make every effort to ensure the information I give is as accurate as possible. If you do have any queries please feel free to contact me.