Esoteric Thoughts | Manly P. Hall

“We are not only each others brothers and sisters, we are essentially and primarily One Being. Our Brothers and Sisters are ourself in another body. The stranger is ourself in another body. Our enemy is ourself in another body. And by gradually coming to this realization we overcome the divisional factors of illusion within ourselves.”
– Manly P. Hall

Always Include Yourself In The Dialogue of Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness!


Loving and honouring others while berating and judging yourself is still practicing separation consciousness.  Unconditional love and unity consciousness means seeing the beauty and divinity of ALL, and that MUST include yourself.  Simply put, to deny yourself is to deny an aspect of God, as you are all part of the greater whole of the divine.


On Time Progression …


What if there is a density of reality in which time is 3 dimensional? According to some types of String Theory, what you do right NOW can potentially cause what happened 5000 years ago in our interaction with linear time, because what we do to an electron effects both its past and its future according to string theory. We experience linearity, but what if time progression was nothing more than a series of universal cause-effect relationships randomly interconnected throughout time as a whole?

Some persons propagate that time is non-existent it only exists on this plane of reality as our human shells do age and eventually die, but our consciousness … our being … our essence lives on for all eternity transitioning from one stage to another. A never ending cycle so to speak. The past, present, and future are all happening simultaneously. With that said we should all live in the present, stop rushing about, be kind to others as well as animals, and start seeing how beautiful and precious life really is as we are all one and all connected. Stop and smell the roses people as this life here on earth is but a mere moment in the greater universe.

What do you perceive Time to be in your experience?