Always Include Yourself In The Dialogue of Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness!


Loving and honouring others while berating and judging yourself is still practicing separation consciousness.  Unconditional love and unity consciousness means seeing the beauty and divinity of ALL, and that MUST include yourself.  Simply put, to deny yourself is to deny an aspect of God, as you are all part of the greater whole of the divine.



fly away
Spend some time with someone you look to as an elder.

As life-prolonging technologies continue to lengthen our stay on earth, we still are learning how to confront the challenges of longer lives. How do we preserve human dignity and joy as our bodies struggle with the inevitable decline of age?

“Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.”  ~ Mark Twain

Prayer of Protection ~ The Unity Prayer


Ka Pule No Ka Malumalu ~ Ka Pule Lokahi

The Prayer of Protection ~ The Unity Prayer


Ka Malamalama O Ke Akua E Ho’opuni Mai Ia Kakou

The Light of God surrounds us.

Ke Aloha O Ke Akua E Kipuni Mai Ia Kakou

The Love of God enfolds us.

Ka Mana O Ke Akua E Ho’opakele Mai Ia Kakou

The Power of God protects us.

Ke Alo O Ke Akua E Malama Mai Ia Kakou

The Presence of God watches over us.

Ma Kahi A Kakou, E Hele Aku Ai He Akua No.

Where we are, God is.