Creating An Edible Garden Landscape

Flowers grow and then they die, and you get little use out of them besides a pretty picture. But, now you can have edible landscape!

Edible landscaping incorporates food producing plants, shrubs and trees into urban and suburban landscapes. These landscapes can be a simple garden, raised boxes, or involve complex designs that incorporate dozens of varieties of edible fruits and vegetables. There are many benefits to landscaping with edible plants. Home-grown fruits and vegetables are the freshest and most flavorful.

You control what is used in your garden, you control the foods that are being planted, and you can easily avoid pesticides and herbicides. The edible landscape will save you money on groceries. While growing your own food, you are increasing the food security of the household and community. Winter is the perfect time to plan for you edible garden, think about what you want to plant and where.

First, you need to map out your yard, so you know just how much you have to work with. You should determine the orientation of your property and mark the amount of sun each area gets. This will help you decide what to plant and where. The sun’s position in the sky changes throughout the growing season.

Designing the bones of your garden is very important because the beds are more apt to have plants with a variety of textures, sizes, and shapes. Edible garden beds can be filled with young seedlings or can be empty. That’s when fences, hedges, and maybe a birdbath can be placed.

Next, you should plan the style of your garden by asking; do you want a formal or informal garden? Do you want a theme? After you have determined the setup of your landscape, it is time to choose the plants. This is where the true subtlety of the landscaper’s art lies. First, make a list of the edibles you want and note their cultural needs. Remember that not everything in your garden has to be edible. Next, all you have to do is get to planting and enjoy yourself and enjoy watching your plants grow and mature.