Aloha Spirit ~ Fundraising for the film, “Why The Mountain”

This is a fundraising (GoFundMe campaign) to raise funds and awareness about the situation that is NASA’s proposed build-out of a Thirty-Meter Telescope (“TMT”) in conjunction with the University of Hawai’i on Mauna Kea Volcano … a site sacred to the Hawai’ian people.  The film is entitled, “Why The Mountain.”

Please support this effort … because it’s not just about the Mountain, it’s about the Land and the reality that the real universe to be explored is contained WITHIN THE HEART.  If you’ve been reading this website, you already know what is meant by this statement.  This is Hawai’ian … it is all about Aloha Spirit.


Aloha Spirit ~ Kūmū Hīna, ‘Ikaikā Wāhine

Kūmū HinaKūmū Hīna tells the inspiring story of Hīna Wong-Kalu, a transgender hula teacher who brings to life Hawai’i’s traditional embrace of māhū – those who embody both male and female spirit.  Over the course of a year, Hīna inspires a young student to claim her place as leader of an all-male hula troupe, while Hīna herself pursues a fulfilling romantic relationship with a headstrong Tongan man.