Discussion ~ Eating According To Your Genes


Nutritional genomics or Nutrigenomics is a new science studying the relationship between human genome, nutrition and health

97% of the genes known to be associated with human diseases result in monogenic diseases, i.e. a mutation in one gene is sufficient to cause the disease

Modifying the dietary intake can prevent some monogenic diseases

Can eating broccoli prevent cancer? This could actually benefit carriers of the gene like GSTM1, but not others …

Carries of CYP1A2 gene could be at higher risk of a heart attack if they consume a considerable amount of caffeine

Studies have shown that the NAT2 acetylator genotype had a higher risk of developing colon cancer in people who consumed relatively large quantities of red meat

Consider #Coffee : A number of studies offer evidence that drinking java lowers heart-disease risk, most likely as a result of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds in coffee beans. But a few studies show heavy coffee drinkers having a higher than average risk of heart disease—leaving scientists scratching their heads. Nutrigenomics suggests an explanation. In people with the genetic variant that causes sluggish metabolism of caffeine, the stimulant sticks around in the bloodstream longer than usual, where it may disrupt normal heart rhythms and boost blood pressure, overwhelming any benefit. Quick metabolizers, on the other hand, clear the caffeine fast from their bloodstreams but still enjoy the benefits.

Type 2 #Diabetes offers another example. Several studies suggest eating too much #sugar and refined carbohydrates—foods linked with big jumps in blood sugar—can lead to type 2 diabetes. But when researchers look at large groups of subjects, no clear link emerges. The reason may be that only some people are #genetically sensitive to the effects of these foods on blood sugar.

#Cholesterol : Can nutrigenomics explain why some people’s cholesterol levels respond to a healthy diet and others’ don’t? Here, too, there are plenty of clues. Scientists have detected one gene variation that seems to enhance the health benefits of polyunsaturated fats, for example, giving people who possess it a bigger boost in good cholesterol when they eat a diet rich in plant oils. Another appears to make bad-cholesterol levels more likely to soar when people eat a high-fat diet. “Variants in a gene called APOE, which controls cholesterol metabolism, seem to be especially important,” Ordovas told me. People with one genetic pattern see a big drop in cholesterol levels when they switch to a healthier diet. Those with a slightly different pattern get almost no benefit at all.

A study conducted at Stanford University looked at the long-term effects of #weightloss using a few different diets assigned at random. Results showed that some participants lost weight on one type of #diet such as low-fat, while others did not. The study then tested participants’ #DNA for 3 specific gene variations and found that those using the best diet for their DNA lost as much as 2 1/2 times more weight than those not using their best DNA diet.

“It makes sense because our genes control hormone levels, enzyme levels – all the basic levels of #metabolism . And how we metabolize food determines what happens to the nutrients and calories we take in” – ays David Katz, MD, nutrition expert and founder of the Yale Prevention Center

Many common diseases, such as #obesity #cancer #diabetes and #cardiovascular diseases, are #polygenic diseases, i.e. they arise from the dysfunction in a cascade of genes, and not from a single mutated gene. Dietary intervention to prevent the onset of such diseases is a complex and ambitious goal

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Daily Words of the Buddha ~ September 04, 2014

buddha radiant
Evaṃ bho purisa jānāhi:
pāpadhammā asaññatā.
Mā taṃ lobho adhammo ca
ciraṃ dukkhāya randhayuṃ.

Know this, O good one:
evil things are difficult to control.
Let not greed and wickedness
drag you to protracted misery.

Dhammapada 18.248

The Dhammapada: The Buddha’s Path of Wisdom,
translated from the Pali by Acharya Buddharakkhita

Daily Chabad ~ “Soul-Body Bonding,” based on letters and talks of the Rebbe, Rabbi M. M. Schneerson

swirly head

The human mind despises the body that houses it,
but the soul has only love.

The mind would soar to the heavens,
but for a body that chains it to the earth.
The mind would be consumed in divine oneness,
but for the body’s delusion of otherness,
as though it had made itself.

But the soul sees only G‑d.

In that very delusion of otherness,
in that madness of the human ego,
even there, the soul sees only G‑d.

For she says, “This, too, is truth.
This is a reflection of the Essence of all things,
of that which truly has neither beginning nor cause.”

And so she embraces the bonds of the body,
works with the body, transforms the body.
Until the body, too, sees only G‑d.

Basi LeGani 5712

Western Mysticism ~ Bill Donahue ~ SOLOMON AND 666

Bill Donahue
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666 is the symbol of the carnal mind. The seat of all of the troubles of the human condition.

The Bible is mythology. The stories are not historical. That is why we look beyond the words for what they actually mean.

In Greek mythology, each letter has a number and each number has a meaning.

The Bible, both Old and New Testament used in the West was written in Greek.

Mythically the number 9 represents human consciousness.


When considering 666, we add 6+6+6=18 1+8=9
That is one way Biblical dark sayings are revealed.


By understanding 666 we then are able to open the meanings of other Bible stories as well.

In 1 Kings 10:14 King Solomon moved away from the temple through his actions and his lusts. He began to lose everything he had.

By understanding 666 as the lower mind we can now see the Solomon story as one that speaks to each one of us.


We go to 1 Kings Chapter 10 Verse 14
“Now the weight of the Gold that came to Solomon in one year was.
six hundred, 3 score, and 6 talents of Gold.


Let us break that down:
600 + 3 score (a score equals 20) so 3 score would be 60, and 6 Total 666


The cause of the downfall of Solomon was the lower mind. The lower mind that obsesses itself with the lust for the material side of life and wealth.

He had built the temple but then had become more involved in the gold and the structure and the things that started coming his way.

But we can forget Solomon, because it’s doubtful whether he ever existed.

The story is a lesson for all of us.

It is very easy to move away from the inner temple of meditation because of the things that distract us on the outside.

We always seem to get too busy to take the few minutes needed to stay connected to the higher.

And when we do that, 666 comes knocking on our door.

You don’t have to live in that inner temple. But you have to visit there often enough that it becomes your center of attention.

~ Bill


For Tibet and the World

dalai lama walking

I pray for all of us, oppressor and friend,
that together we may succeed in building a better world
through human understanding and love,
and that in doing so we may reduce
the pain and suffering of all sentient beings.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

~ Dalai Lama